by Aperture Science Limited


Aperture-IX is an Internet Exchange located at Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, operated by AperNet.

Aperture-IX resides in G/F of Edwick Industrial Center. To connect, you can:

  • Order a leased circuit or cross-connect to our facility. You may connect at 1G via copper, or at 1G/10G via any single-mode 10km 1310nm rated optics. No other port options available at this time.
  • Colocate directly in our facility. Check apernet.io for details.

Generally, requirements for connecting Aperture-IX are as follow:

  • Have at least one organization representative to handle network issues.
  • Have a public, globally routable autonomous system number.
  • Use only a single source MAC address per physical port or logical link aggregation grouping.
  • Send only IPv4, IPv6, and ARP traffic to the internet exchange fabric.

Generally, steps for connecting Aperture-IX are as follow:

  • Aperture-IX issues LoA allowing the cross-connect or leased circuit to our facility.
  • Participant orders the cross-connect or leased circuit to our facility.
  • Aperture-IX assignes IP address(es) to the participant.
  • Connect, and start passing traffics!

Route Server

Aperture-IX provides a route server to facilitate MLPA peerings. Route propagation can be controlled with the following communities:

  • (38008, 60000): no-export to any.
  • (0, peer-as) or (38008, 0, peer-as): no-export to peer-as.
  • (1, peer-as) or (38008, 1, peer-as): export to peer-as, overrding (38008, 60000).
  • (65511, peer-as) or (38008, 65511, peer-as): prepend 1x to peer-as.
  • (65512, peer-as) or (38008, 65512, peer-as): prepend 2x to peer-as.
  • (65513, peer-as) or (38008, 65513, peer-as): prepend 3x to peer-as.

The route server are available at the following addresses:

  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2406:4440::100

The route server uses AS38008. Note that currently there are only import limits but no import filters applied on sessions. Import limits are fetched from PeeringDB or default to 10 if not found. add-path (RFC 7911) is supported on all RS sessions to enable ECMP.